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Question Bank Manager

Question Bank Manager is effective web-based application for question management. Get instant insight into learning with easy-to-create questions, quizzes, presentations and more! Check out the features below to learn more about Question Bank Manager.

Questions Always With You

We use cloud technologies to store your data, so you will be able to have access to your account from anywhere, anytime.

Track Each Question

Question Bank Manager allows you to track each question. With QBM you will now which questions have been used and which questions you can use in future!

Organise Your Questions

We created unique interface for question management. You can add subjects, categories and subcategories, create sources for questions and classify them in your own way!

Import Questions

Do you already have questions in other formats or in other Learning and management Systems? Import these questions to Question Bank Manager and extend your power in one click. QBM supports export from and MS Excel formats.

Export Questions

Export your data from Question Bank Manager to most popular learning and management systems using file format and MS Power Point format in one click.

Create Quizzes and Exams

Get instant feedback from your students. Create quizzes, exams, use active learning techniques like Problem-Based Learning and Team-Based Learning with Question Bank Manager.

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